New range: Warhammer!

Warhammer miniatures, modelling and wargaming kits and accessories are now on sale at Bourne Toys! Found in the new category – Models & Wargames – these are ideal for the older child (or adult) with a passion for cool miniatures.

Products like the Warhammer 40000 Elite Edition and the Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave are complete, self-contained box-sets with models, rules and scenery, which give the full experience to newcomers while still having useful miniatures for experienced collectors.

The hobby comprises several related parts:

  • Collecting & painting figures
  • Tabletop wargaming
  • Miniature modelling

Many hobbyists display their painted models, going on to create miniature model dioramas and vignettes. The social, hands-on tactile experience brought out by this hobby is central to it. Player and modelling groups are found all over the country, with huge support and communities available online. Gaming tournaments and competitions to judge painted models are common.

The Warhammer games are set in fantasy lands (including Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings, and official collaboration), or the far future with alien encounters. By their nature these models and kits do tackle more mature themes such as war and territory.

You can see what’s in stock at a glance using the product tags “Warhammer“, “AoS“, or “40k“. With new lines being added to Models & Wargames all the time,  check back again to see more!