Complete Warhammer box games for your teen*

*Applies equally to children-at-heart, and other big kids.

Great for a complete set / game for a Warhammer enthusiast

Warhammer miniatures, modelling and wargaming kits and accessories are now on sale at Bourne Toys! Found in the new category – Models & Wargames – these are ideal for the older child (or adult) with a passion for cool miniatures.

Products like the Warhammer 40000 Recruit Edition, or Age of Sigmar: Warrior and the Warhammer Underworlds are complete, self-contained starter box-sets with models, rules and scenery, which give the full experience to newcomers while still having useful miniatures for experienced collectors, but they are just starters into the hobby.

Going big?

For an epic all-in-one big box set you should also look at the fantastic Blood Bowl, or the intense and atmospheric Necromunda: Hive War box sets.

All the box sets work as is on their own, once the miniatures are built (and painted), but if taken further, both experts and collectors can buy specialist expansion packs and other add-ons to vary the games.

Just don’t forget the paints and glue

You can see what’s in stock at a glance using the product tags “Warhammer“, “AoS“, or “40k“. With new lines being added to Models & Wargames all the time,  check back again to see more!