Painting competition July 2022 – Rules

Win a unit from the prize pool

Paint any Warhammer unit between February and April 2022 and you can enter it to one of these categories for chance of winning a prize on July 9th at 1pm:

  • Grunts -between 1,2 or 3 non-character infantry models only, ideally 3 from a squad.
  • Specialist – anything else (with character stats).

We will also implement the system of tiers of entry to keep it fair for less capable painters (and interesting for the more capable ones).

  • Basic painters are those who struggle with clean lines and highlighting. That’s OK we all do or did: We want to to up your skills and become next level! However long you have been in the hobby, if you don’t use edge highlights, blending or shading yet, this is the level to pitch your entries at. If you learn those techniques during the course of the competition, then well done & we’ll bump you up next time!
    Colour inside the lines, (and add anything fancy afterwards).
  • Elite painters use shading, highlights and other techniques. If you are amazing you might even use NMM. Whatever the skills, we expect a mixture of well laid paints, shadows & highlights, and more professional outcomes. Elite painters tend to ace creative projects, so we are keeping it simple, and expect you to show off your skills:
    Make it look cool.

There are a few basic rules to keep it fair, and encourage good painting, at all levels;

  1. It must be a Warhammer miniature
    • We don’t mind where or when you bought it
    • No dioramas – play-ready miniatures only please
    • 1-3 models from a unit ie a character or a small number from a squad (whole squads not required)
    • If its wildly converted, evidence of that might help
  2. It must be unpainted before the date above
    • Basecoat / primer is fine
      • zenithal basecoat is OK
      • second-hand miniatures acceptable if repainted or painted over completely
  3. It must be physically seen on entry, ie before and after for judging at
  4. One entry per category
  5. We’ll use a 10 point system
    1. Points are outlined below
    2. GM judges (subjectively).
    3. 1 winner per category; in case of equal points, the overall effort will be considered a tie-breaker.

As mentioned, it is to encourage sporting behaviour, but the aim is to help paint play-ready miniatures in a way they can be proud of for themselves. The category choices say it all: Be creative (not technical, or at least not *just* technical) to be in with a good shot at winning a prize – at worst you should be happy your efforts create unique, interesting and high-impact models! We aren’t trying to stop you painting _more_ but we hope we can help spur you on in cases where painting is a bit of a chore…

The 10 points judged on

Its a painting competition, but we are trying to allow even novices to compete by focussing on table-top impact. Hopefully, this will be good for your games too: If all goes well we expect to run more every quarter.

  1. Colours: correct for model
  2. Colours: well painted zones ie rich cape or scarred armour
  3. Colours: palette is a good mix of 3+ colours that work together
  4. Points of Interest: Weapons / equipment stand out
  5. Points of Interest: Face / Hands (oe) stand out
  6. Points of Interest: Other details (buckles / boots / insigia etc) picked out
  7. Base: realism (in context)
  8. Base: interesting without overpowering model
  9. Storytelling: Idiom (ie pustulent Nurglings or Space Marine markings)
  10. Creativity: Has a focal point that makes it cool

Whether you are a pro or brand new painter, this should give a good enough framework to get to grips with. Each of these points will be split down in case of tie to give a percentage mark – basically if its a tie, expect the better painted model to win, but it might be better for impact rather than subtle blending so just bear in mind cooler figures are better!

Prizes are held in reserve; in case of issues arising we reserve the right to amend policy / dates as required. Judges decisions are final. Photos no longer available as timestamps (sorry).
No direct purchase necessary. Physical presence required at time of entry and time of judging. Attempts will be made to avoid bias and keep judging impartial until and on the day – please don’t nag the GM. Please do report issues ASAP.
For more info on prizes please see Warhammer Painting Competitions – Bourne Toys