• Galt Toys Slime Lab
  • Science4You Super Mega Science Kit 8 in 1 (Boys)

    Science4You Super Mega Science Kit 8 in 1 (Boys)

    Have bundles of fun with this Enchanted Super Mega Science Kit. Learn how to make funny and coloured foams and write incredible secret messages using chemical properties. You will also have fun with cool soap bubbles and raise water against the force of gravity. Helps world discovery Stimulates senses Encourages thinking skills Encourages concentration and […]

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  • Science4You Super Mega Science Kit 8 in 1 (Girls)

    Science4You Super Mega Science Kit 8 in 1 (Girls)

    Science4you Super Mega Science Kit Girls Edition 8-In-1 Educational Science STEM Toy. Find out how to make fantastic experiments and become a real scientist, while discovering the incredible worls of chemistry, physics, the universe and much more! 120 Experiments. Includes 2 educational books

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  • Science4You Inventions Factory

    Science4You Inventions Factory

    Find out how to build electric circuits, the telephone, a compass, and become an inventor scientist! Includes 2 Educational Books. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and is an education grouping used worldwide. STEM toys help kids gain knowledge in these four areas by stimulating their skills while they are playing. Science4you?s toys […]

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  • Science4You Soap Factory Mini Kit
  • Science4You My First Spa

    Science4You My First Spa

    Includes a 36-page book providing detailed instructions and scientific information. Brain activating fun! includes 21 exciting experiments Suitable for 8 years +

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  • Science4You Chemistry 600
  • Science4You Flower Factory

    Science4You Flower Factory

    Find out how to plant a beautiful garden of lavender, camomile, pansies & sunflowers Use flowers to create amazing scented bags & flower crowns 20 Experiments Learn how to use chemistry & physics to keep your garden healthy and become a true scientist

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